It is very rare but there are accounts of shark sightings and attacks in Thai waters. I was surprised to read that not only are there 9 types of sharks in Thai waters but 4 of them can be dangerous, but just to reiterate one more time – it is very rare to see dangerous sharks in Thailand.

Just last week I was in Hua Hin again, a mixture of work and pleasure, and as always the case I had to pay a visit to one of the beaches. As I took in the coastline it seemed an impossibility to even fathom a shark being in these waters, but a bull shark most certainly was back in April.

Now before any shark experts or researchers jump down my throat, I was not really investigating the coastline for sharks. The chances of seeing another one I am quite sure was next to zero and also I was at a different beach than the one where the attack happened.

So, there are indeed sharks in Thailand waters but rest assured the chances of being attacked really don’t register as a meaningful statistic. Still it caused quite a stir of excitement in the seaside resort of Hua Hin when the attack happened just last month. I took a swim whilst in the region and the waters were beautiful, clean and very warm.


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