Not wishing to teach anyone to suck eggs but consumers want to see video now above text and pictures, it is easier to take in messages and also a more pleasurable experience.

Personally, as a marketer and vlogger myself, I think it’s also good news for business operators as never has it been so easy to make a vlog on your business. Furthermore, never has it been so easy to get the message out there with social media.

OK, so I have simplified it somewhat but all of us are able to vlog.

Today, every Tom, Dick and Harry business has a Facebook page for their business and sadly many think that is job done – only to be surprised when it does not generate any more customers.

Don’t think merely by having a Facebook page you will generate customers

It is handwork managing successful social networks and you need 1. A plan of attack, 2. A consistent and disciplined approach – you should post every day without fail just for starter, and 3. You must consider the content you want to put out there to connect.

Video is your secret weapon when it comes to compelling content and if you are going to make video a key part of your marketing, be sure to set your Facebook theme to that of video. 

Vlogging ‘cheats’ your way onto Page One Google Search

Historically everyone hammers home you need great written content to get onto page one of Google, but with video (Vlogs uploaded onto YouTube) you can not only leapfrog competitors posts but you also get a thumbnail image to improve stand out (see below example on Yoga).  So my message is for you to start creating video content via a series of vlogs with relevant titles for popular searches made online for your business.

Vlogging can achieve great things for your business

The other beauty about blogging is it allows customers to get to know you far more, or at least that is how they will see it. If you have a mobile phone you can make a vlog – Vlogging is about great content and not about producing a Hollywood blockbuster.

Help is at hand!

I am offering a simple package to help your video marketing and also giving you a helping hand by leveraging my Dan about Thailand platforms to help get your messages out there. Ultimately helping you get more customers for your business.

I have put a bundle package together that ticks all the boxes and at such a good price at the same time.

Dan about Thailand will create one new vlog per month for your business, covering a different angle/feature each time. This vlog will be used on multiple platforms and also be made available for your own marketing:

  • Posted on Dan about Thailand Facebook Page with 10k followers and a monthly reach of 200k – driven by the 70k shares and likes the page gets over the calendar month.
  • Posted on Dan about Thailand website which gets over 60k page views each month
  • Posted on Dan about Thailand YouTube Channel with over 1,300 subscribers

You get all this – including that all-important vlog production – for only 10k baht per month on a minimum 4-month contract. If you commit to 6 months you can also have a 300×250 large banner on the Dan about Thailand website to drive more traffic to your website throughout the campaign.

If you are based outside of Bangkok, Hua His and Pattaya some travel expense may need to be added for making the vlog. 

Contact me and let’s get more customers for your business together.



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