Although Thailand is better known for retired expats there is still a community of working expats here. In a recent poll a somewhat surprising 68% of Bangkok Expats said they were a working expat, this figure fell to 40% as an average throughout the Kingdom (to be fair much higher than I would have guessed).

To work in Thailand you do require a work permit and corresponding business visa and on top of that a foreigner can only do certain roles.

It’s not all plain sailing either. You need to do a check in at immigration every 90-days, something, I may add, that is not the case for working expats in other countries like Dubai. If you want to leave the country for a holiday you need to get a re-entry permit, a single re-entry costs 1,000 baht for the privilege. If you forget to do this then on re-entry your business visa is cancelled and you enter on a tourist visa! I have heard a few people who have done this and it turns into a huge nightmare fixing the mistake.

If you partner in non-Thai you also need to connect their visa to your work permit for their right to stay in the country too.

I have worked in Thailand for a decade now within media and have loved the journey, yes I work hard but it is certainly an escape from a wet, cold rat race that I worked in before in London (Although I must add I enjoyed the experience of London, but life is too short to not try doing something completely different).


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