It seems everything is squeezing the retiree Western expat in Thailand at the moment, from the strength of the Thai baht to weakening of their domestic countries currency. That once healthy pension figure is looking a shadow of its once comfortable living it offered.

Compounding this as the consequential impact is the fall in Western tourists which in turn means less revenue for business catering for this group.

Forums and social network groups are awash with talk of a mass exodus of the Western Expats to either nearby locations, like Vietnam, or back to their home. Once thriving Expat communities are shrinking each month and it is just a sign of the times. It is a reminder that change in life is just one of those things and that nothing lasts forever.

Some of the more optimistic Expats hold on to the fact that this is just one of those blips and that the market will bounce back soon but the question as to when is not being predicted. 

However, if there is a glimmer of hope it can be seen in monthly traffic that month-on-month has been in growth for unique visitors – moving from 1.2m, 1.3m to 1.4m – since May 2019. These users are Western and 2/3 of that traffic comes from outside Thailand. On these figures, it would appear interest in Thailand from Westerners has never been higher.



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