Life as an expat for most of us – I am guessing – is a huge advancement in our lifestyles before we left our domestic countries. Having now lived in Thailand for over a decade I am quite sure I have forgotten some of the more challenging aspects of living back in the UK. It is why when I ever think about returning to my motherland I do so with rose glinted glasses now – I can only see the positives.

Anyway as I took my short drive into my office this morning it got me thinking, what things did I do in the UK that I now don’t? This is the list I came up with during my 10minute commute in Thailand (Much shorter than my near 2-hour door to door commute when I worked in London!).

  1. Paying a council tax
  2. Voting
  3. Defrosting my car window
  4. Buying warm clothes
  5. Wearing warm clothes whilst walking on a beach!
  6. Leaving my shoes on indoors
  7. Looking forward to a summer holiday!
  8. Using frozen food
  9. Having a bath
  10. Watching soaps and reality shows on TV
  11. Using an off-licence
  12. Making an appointment with a doctor or dentist
  13. Having a kebab after a night out
  14. Using car parking metres
  15. Sitting in a beer garden
  16. Having to pack my own shopping in a supermarket
  17. Having to go to the bar in a pub to order your drink – rather than getting table service
  18. Having to pay for your beer in a pub upfront
  19. Having a mobile phone contract – where the phone is included in the package!
  20. Paying for a TV licence
  21. Looking forward to the weekend

If you can think of more, please do add your comment below!



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