The benefits of leaving my domestic country have been almost immeasurable on a number of fronts and one of those was travel. However as the years have settled into living in Thailand I find – or at least feel – I am travelling less abroad, and if I do it is a trip back to the UK.

So almost as an oxymoron, having moved abroad to live I now am not travelling and exploring as much as I wish.

Don’t get me wrong, in Thailand, I move about a lot – but sometimes now I find onto already trodden regions. Thailand is beautiful and visiting an island or a weekend in Bangkok is still a wonderful adventure, but am I missing on discovering new countries?

Think about it, for many expats when we do travel outside of Thailand it tends to be a trip back to our domestic countries for a much-needed catch up with friends and family.

The average person visits 14 countries in their lifetime. I also note that 1 in 10 Brits have never been abroad and 22% have never travelled on an aeroplane.

A quick tally up of countries I have visited amounts to 20. 10 before I came to Thailand – so before I hit 30 years old – and 10 after.  So it actually largely discredits my views, as I have clearly visited other countries whilst living in Thailand, however it is my increased insatiable appetite to travel more that kind of says ‘so what, I want to see more!’.

The older I get so too does the urgency to see more of this world.

Quite often I wonder what it would be like to live in another country and I wonder if I am missing out on some new experience. If I have made the move once to live in a different country, what is now stopping me doing that again?

A recent survey which collated the views of 20,000 expat respondents placed Thailand a lowly 25th as the best location for an expat to live. Taiwan, Vietnam, Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Singapore, Bahrain, Ecuador, Malaysia, and Czechia are the best destinations for expats in 2019.

So, am I missing out on something?

I am sure the answer from many is that the grass is not always greener and I agree, but the older I become the more travel seems to be the one thing that will always give you something new and keep life fascinating and interesting.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life however is there anything wrong with dreaming the extraordinary?



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