As a developed country with a rich historical global significance, you would think the UK is a nation that could offer the very best for its residents. But if we use international travel as a barometer, it would appear it is also failing many and that cannot be right.

Maybe I am pointing the finger of blame in the wrong direction, but people should want and be able to afford international travel at least a few times in their life time as an absolute minimum.

1 in 10 Brits live abroad, so around 5.5million of us, with Australia being the prefered location with over 1.3million resident Brits.

By comparison, although in growth, only 4% of French live abroad. So, we Brits are keen to get out and explore different countries – or at least that’s what I originally thought.

You see, for as many Brits that live abroad just as many have never even set foot outside of the UK. 1 in 10 Brits have never been abroad – with 30% citing cost and 20% saying it’s too complicated. It is a little bit depressing if you ask me as travel gives us experiences that one could never imagine unless you have done so. It energises us, we learn and just become slightly better for the experience.

It is just as shocking to know that 22% of us have never even been on an aeroplane – That’s over 1 in 5 people. Surely in today’s modern, vibrant UK, this should never be so low? Maybe I have missed the point here and many will not want to travel, but having traveled so much in this world myself I would love for fellow Brits to see what wonders await. It is truly inspirational.

Other Superpower countries fare worse

If you thought this was bad, bear a thought for Americans. Only 42% of Americans own a passport, up a whopping 15% from 2007 so they are on the increase. Looking at the other global superpower, China, it gets even worse. Only 8.7% of Chinese have passports, but this is in rapid growth.

In my humble opinion, besides family and friends, travel is one of the biggest things we can experience to enrich and improve our time on this earth. We get one chance so to live a sheltered existence within a small bubble really seems a missed opportunity. Each to themselves I guess, but a shame none the less, we all deserve the very best from our one precious time on this planet.


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