For many of us Westerners, nothing quite beats a trip to the local pub for a pint and some pub grub. Although being in Thailand our weekly agendas do change quite a bit to that of back home, however a trip to the pub – for me at least – still remains an important part of my lifestyle mix.

In Hua Hin, there are a good selections of bars but one of my favourite is the Father Teds Irish Pub in Soi 61.

I have been meaning to do a vlog here for some time but I had previously always resisted as I always considered my trip to this pub as a chance for ‘me-time’. A place where I could switch off from work and Dan about Thailand, but I wanted to capture something at least so on this particular trip committed to getting a few shots at least (and I am not talking the alcoholic type shots!).

For more information, you can visit their Facebook page: Father Teds Facebook Page


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