I was glad I hired a four wheel drive jeep whilst on a recent trip to Koh Samui as it opens up so many more routes on the island for you to discover.

Paradise park would probably be best described as an animal park for families to take their kids too and whilst entertaining for your young ones, for me it’s best quality is the view.

Entrance is a little expensive, in the region of 400 baht per adult if memory serves me, and so expectations are quite rightly set high and for the animals alone then it’s over priced – but the park is more than that if you go exploring.

There is a wonderful walk set along a sharp descent that is framed with stunning scenery all around and this is one of the parks strengths. To finish it all in the somewhat chilly pool is the perfect way to cool down afterwards.

If you are going to spend a week or more on the island then I would certainly recommend this place, you will get some amazing photos and selfies for your instagram account if you are that way inclined! If you are just on the island for a couple of days, I would personally just stick to the beaches and chill out – but it’s all personal taste.

If you want to do more than just enjoy what the island offers in vegetation and coastline there is also go-karting which my kids enjoyed, whilst if you want to discover the beautiful nearby Koh Tan there are tour operators who can help, such as Tour Explore (Tour Explore Facebook page).


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