Koh Chang is fast becoming my favourite Thai island as it just seems to get better and better everytime I go. Whereas many other Thai islands are becoming built up and arguably a little over developed, where Koh Chang differs is that although developing too it does so whilst retaining a rugged charm.

On this visit my family and I had the mother-in-law in tow so we decided to stay in a villa as opposed to a resort and, I must say, it made for a very pleasant experience. We stayed at the Elegance Pool Villas just a few minutes from both White Sands and Khlong Prao.

I tried a different beach on this trip – Khlong Prao. The stand out feature for me, besides the stunning beauty, was the peacefulness. There is something very special about going to a beach away from the crowds, for me any stress I have disappears. It is very therapeutic.  We were on the beach by 730am, so earlier than most – well in this case, everyone. We had the beach to ourselves until about 830am. But even then it was no more than half a dozen people along a kilometre coastline. Beautiful and I am first to admit I am hooked to Thailands world class beaches. 

If you want to find out more on the Elegance Pool Villas you can visit the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheEleganceKohChang/.

I have now made a number of vlogs from my travels on Koh Chang. Each one looks at a different area and provides both useful insight and showcases to this beautiful island: Koh Chang Vlogs.


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