Koh Chang has for many years been the more unfashionable island of Thailand. Everyone talks about Samui, Krabi and the likes but very rarely Koh Chang. This is a huge oversight for what, in my opinion, is one of the top three islands in the Kingdom.

As Samui continues to develop it, for me, loses its charm every time I visit the location. Which is a shame as not so many years ago I loved it. Koh Chang by contrast develops too but, and this is its redeeming factor, it does so whilst maintaining a rugged appeal.

I have lost counts of the number of times I have visited Koh Chang but it must be a dozen or so times now and I never get bored of the island. Everytime I find somewhere new to discover, and this trip was no different.

Ok, I was with people so I took them down to Lonely beach to watch the sunset from one of my favourite bars (you will see this at the end of the vlog); but I also ventured to Klong Kloi and Klong Prao. Both stunning, paradise is the only word needed to sum the beaches up.

It’s quite funny as every time I blog or vlog on this island I get messages from people saying, in jest, that I need to stop doing so as they don’t want over tourism or crowds – and I exactly understand their sentiments. Koh Chang is amazing and will not disappoint anybody. Rugged, beautiful, natural and so much variety and things to see and do.

Just don’t tell everybody, OK?!


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