You have to love living in Thailand as you never know what fellow expat you will meet, and I am delighted to have met Bart, an ex-Mr Universe, who operates two Muscle Factory gyms in Pattaya and Bangkok.

Every time we speak I become absolutely absorbed by his nutritional and training expertise and on every occasion it has resulted in me making a positive change to my life. So much so that I wanted to make a vlog on one such conversation so you too could learn from Bart too.

When we hit 40 years old we need to change our training habits

Bart put me through a back training session and discussed the importance of good form and technique whilst leaving the ego outside of the gym. He also went to great lengths to explain how over 40 year olds need to address training differently and still get great results,

You can check out Muscle Factory Pattaya at their Facebook Page here.


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