Dan about Thailand started 4 years ago as nothing more than a test bed for my existing media group, that included television and the huge Thaivisa.com. I had just left a board meeting in Bangkok with a leading hotel group and the operations director challenged me. He said I may have the reach but that doesn’t always equate to influence.

It was the first time I was briefed on the power of local influencers in the market and I left that meeting determined to learn more.

I opened a Facebook page within a week of this meeting, calling it ‘Dan about Thailand Vlogs’ (it is now just ‘Dan about Thailand’) and stood on the balcony of a hotel I was staying at in Rayong. The lighting was terrible, I was shooting on my mobile phone but I persevered and rambled out some message about the hotel I was staying in. I hit share and reposted among a couple of local Facebook groups. Within 24 hours the video had over 10,000 views. It was then I knew influencer marketing was the real deal.

This year Dan about Thailand won best lifestyle blog site in Thailand, polling over 60% of the votes – The experiment had been a success and a incredible learning for me. Media and it’s role to help business advertise has changed and this needs to be reflected in its offer.

How can business now get better results from this?

It now makes perfect sense that business should run dual campaigns that support each other using the muscle and reach of Thaivisa (1.2million unique visitors a month, daily newsletters sent to over 330k subscribers and extensive other platform reach) and the influence of Dan about Thailand (c.100k page views a month, 11k subscribers to its weekly newsletter and highly engaged social networks).

That board meeting 4 years ago turned out to be one of most beneficial I had ever attended!

Another learning – Only promote what you believe in

I guess this should be obvious, but what I realised was unlike regular media when you actually put your name to a product – like I have done with Dan about Thailand – it really does matter what you promote.

You then carry a responsiblity to anyone that watches your vlog or read your blog. You must have integrity, it is absolutley vital. You must be trusted.

This is why I will only work with business whom I have faith in and trust myself. Which is why I review any advertising enquiry and will politely decline if it does not fit with me in anyway.

What are the Options?

Standard Advertorial (article, images and contact details for your business) 15k baht per month

  • Posted on Thaivisa within the relevant section for your business – it will be pinned to the top so readers will always see it
  • Posted on Dan about Thailand as a guest post on the website (https://danaboutthailand.com/)
  • Included in 1 x Thaivisa newsletter (330k subscribers) and 1 x Dan about Thailand newsletter (11k subscribers) – these would be featured posts at the top of each newsletter and link back to either our website post of your business or direct to your own website

Vlog Package 25k baht per month

  • I would come to your business and do an initial 2 x vlogs (to use within the marketing of your business over the 3-months proposed campaign) – see below * for what these vlogs could be
  • Each vlog would be directly uploaded onto Dan about Thailand Facebook page (12k followers) and shared to Thaivisa Facebook page (230k followers) one-time per month
  • Each vlog will be uploaded to Dan about Thailand YouTube channel and correctly keyworded to create searchable content for you on this platform (1.6k subscribers)
  • Each vlog will be inserted into a web post and posted on Dan about Thailand website (c.100k page views per month) – this post will be included in 2 x Dan about Thailand newsletters each month (11k subscribers) and included in 2 x Thaivisa newsletters (330k subscribers). A web post with vlog inserted looks like this: https://danaboutthailand.com/2019/11/12/never-had-so-much-fun-in-an-indian-restaurant-in-thailand/

Vlog and Advertorial Package 35k baht per month

  • You would get everything listed above in the two packages

If you only want a Dan about Thailand package – Click Here for Prices and Options.

* What would the vlog content be?

Once you tell me your business I can recommend the vlog content which could be an interview with a representative and/or a customer testimonial, to general shots of your businesses facilities, features and benefits.

Make Contact!

Please do make contact and let me know how I can help your business by using the strengths of both media.


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