I am not one to make big claims that now is the time to buy a property in Thailand because of the discounted property available. In truth, no one knows really when is the right time to buy is, so it just comes down to whether you want to buy, see value in your purchase and that no one else’s opinion should matter. I think that sounds about the right approach.

There is a lot going on not only in the local but global economies that are having an impact on property sales, but people always need somewhere to live and also want to invest.

I really enjoy looking at the property available in Thailand, whilst in Hua Hin, the core market is for villas and in Pattaya, it is for condominiums. I am a big fan of condos that are beach fronting and so was delighted when Paragon Properties offered to show me a unit in the Sands Condo in Pratamanak.

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