For sure we all choose to live our lives on our terms as much as we can. Some of us are competitive, whilst others are content to just enjoy the world one day at a time. I can often question my own drivers when I look at the different options in life. But just recently I realised what motivates me each day and that is I just want to compete.

Definition of ‘Compete’: to strive to outdo or excel. Compete implies having a sense of rivalry and of striving to do one’s best as well as to outdo another: to compete for a prize. Contend suggests opposition or disputing as well as rivalry: to contend with an opponent, against obstacles.

It is the drive of competition that inspires action, it gets you up in the morning motivated and ready to do something special.

Many will say competing is just due to us living in a society that forces us to be competitive in order to get by. Others will say that once they reach retirement and come to live their golden years that it is a time to take their foot off the gas. But I remain unconvinced, I think competing is the fuel to getting more out of your life.

Life is pretty simple and in order to get the most out of it we need to do things and keep our minds stimulated. To merely get out of bed and go through the motions as a retiree or even someone still at work is restricting you from squeezing more out of life. I am also sure you will feel pretty bored for large chunks of your day.

Stay hungry in this world to do more

Stay hungry in this world to do more

Life can lack a point unless we give it one

Although I am very satisified with my life, family and current situation – I think it’s only right for me to want more at the same time. You see the more I compete in the work place, the more nourishing my life gets in return.

Just last week I was invited to a VIP 500 guest list to an event that included King Rama X, the Queen and Princess of Thailand, the senior Government officials and 20 or so Ambassadors. It was a very cool experience and I would never had got an invite unless I put myself out there.

I continously look to develop new projects, my latest one – with two investors – is costing the best part of a quarter of million dollars. It has stretched my family over the last 10 months as we have cut back on our spending to fund this, but the thrill and excitement of trying something new was too good not to do.

It is about me pitting myself and ideas against the rest of the world to see if I can achieve something successful. If it works the rewards will be what dreams are made of. It is no different from being an athlete competing for the gold medal.

Too many of us self impose a glass ceiling on what we think we can achieve because we think success is reserved for other people and not us. We also look to our peers and see what they have and if we are broadly aligned then we are content with this. We stifle our own opportunities in this world. We can achieve much more than we realise if we apply ourselves.

Compete in all that you do

Competing is in everything you do. When I go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week, I do so to improve my appearance and be healthier. I compete with myself to push each rep until failure. I compete to look better than others and to like what I see in the mirror. It is fun and has a purpose. What good is wealth if I don’t have my health?

Compete with yourself to visit more countries, to have new plans and goals. To do more than what others aspire too. Competition is not just against other people or in the work place or sporting, it is against yourself too.

I really do not see competition as a bad thing but something that allows you to do more and enjoy what you are doing by going that extra mile than the average person.

So, when I speak with fellow expat friends – some still not even 40 years old yet – and they say they want to slow things down and are not as motivated as me, I don’t really understand why they would want to do that? Life is short and we get one shot, I want to put myself through new experiences all the time. To get caught up in a routine every day of doing much of a muchness is surely a waste of your one shot here on life?

On the ocassions when I get up on a Saturday or Sunday I find it quite difficult to relax. Doing nothing is not easy!

I remember back when in my twenties a friends Mum said to me that she did not understand why I worked so hard and she was not sure what I was chasing. The fact I still remember this conversation to this day shows you the impact it had on me. Of course, she made me think – but my conclusion was this: If I didn’t try then my life could become routine and I would not embrace and chase all the potential this world can give me. Competing is fun and opens new doors and opportunities.

My monthly earnings are now very good yet I still know where I want to get too. My family and I can be very comfortable without me needing to chase more. But it’s more than this, if I thought for one moment my final destination is where I live now – currently in Pattaya – I would become incredibly frustrated and claustophobic. There is far too many things in this world left to experience, be that cultures, events to new circles of people I can mix and enjoy being among.

Me getting out there and competing, makes new things happen.

My question therefore, that I put to you personally is, shouldn’t we all be driven, motivated and have an insatiable drive to compete in order to get more from our one life on earth?


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