When I first came out to Thailand back in 2006 it was motivated by wanting to escape the expectation of how to live life. Much of this came from having to experience both my loving and devoted parents passing away at early ages. First my Dad at 43 years old from lung cancer when I was 20 and then my Mum from multiple sclerosis at 52 years old when I was barely 27 years old. It left a painful scar and hurt for many years, but I recovered and then took positive action.

My parents dedicated their lives to my brothers and I and worked hard to ensure we could have a good future and so it was unfair that they were taken so young, but this is life and we never know when our own time is up.

I was not prepared to grind out an existence caught up in the rat race, so – without a plan – and leaving a senior role working in London on an immense salary, I left for Thailand.

During this whole period of time, which started way back when my Mum was ill in hospital, I begun writing a thesis on how I believed we as humans should live our lifes. It was a book that was 10 years in the making and I finally published it in 2016.

Periodically I go back and re read it and to this day I whole heartedly agree with everything – even some of the more radical approaches taken. I often wish the principles were able to get a wider audience so that others could develop the approach.

I am quite show that the majority of people don’t quite understand how fragile and short our lives are and, as such, do very little with their one chance on earth.

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