Sometimes I genuinely need to pinch myself, for I think I have found my paradise. If you get it right then living in Thailand as an Expat is dreamy, it is the type of place that as a kid you would dream of moving too. Of course, I see naysayers from time to time – but it tends to be from their own failings rather than anything else. Harsh, but I think true.

I have just been traveling the Northern region of Thailand in the provinces of Phrae and Nan and it was simply an awesome experience. So peaceful and beautiful; a charming traditional Thailand that you can get to in little over one hour flight from Bangkok. Return flights booked in advance can be as low as 1,500 baht, so it won’t break the bank traveling to these locations either.

As an Expat you need a base in Thailand and based on personal experience I can certainly recommend the seaside resort of Hua Hin. And, in my opinion, to get the Thailand lifestyle experience right it should start with living in the right home. It is after all the place you start and finish everyday, so choose wisely.

I see many property developments in this region and you should make a shortlist of ones to check out, so you can feel what is right for you based both on the location and features of the villa.

Sivana HideAway Pool Villas comes with the recommendation of Dot Property as winner of best villa development in Hua Hin, so it should be on your list to visit.

Lifestyle living starts with your home

Lifestyle living starts with your home

What gives this development the edge for me is a number of things – but of course it’s personal taste too. It is set in my favourite area near Takiab that is away from the traffic found to the more Northern side of Hua Hin, yet is easily accessible to the shopping centres and beaches.  You also have the development itself that will feature a resort too, and all residents get full access to all these amenities, that is not only a nice touch but very useful too.

To find out more you can email [email protected] or ring +6691-819-9810 and speak to development owner Danny Jhangiani.


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