I am isolating with my family on Koh Chang and recently suffered from food poisoning and had no choice but to go to hospital. It was a surreal experience seeing nurses and doctors with full face visors and masks on during heightened tensions regarding Covid-19.

Spending time with my family also reminded me of the importance of my family and my health – It has to be the most important thing! Can you imagine if a loved one fell ill or had an accident and you did not have the medical fees to make them better here in Thailand?

So with that in mind I would like to ‘pay it forward’ and recommend a good friend and wonderful Insurance Broker in Thailand. Rainer and his team have been serving Expats in Thailand with a variety of insurance solutions since 2001.

It costs nothing to get a Health Insurance quote

Ask Rainer and his team for a quote, at very least it gives you the information to consider. Email:[email protected], tel:0818381390 and website: http://www.globalinsurancethailand.com/


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