I am delighted to have partnered up with the British Embassy and Thaivisa.com to run a series of vlogs where I attend various meetings and functions with the consular team.  The objective is to help improve the understanding of the variety of duties that they get involved in among the local Expat community here in Thailand.

This video contains a discussion of how the British Embassy and Thai authorities assist survivors of rape and sexual assault. If you have experienced any effects of sexual violence you may wish to consider whether you feel ready to watch this video. If you are uncertain, please discuss with someone you trust.

If you are a British national and wish to report something that has happened to you or another person you can contact the British Embassy on +66(0)2 305 8333 (24 hours) or search for ‘British Embassy Bangkok emergency’ online.

The vlog though has an important message about how the British Embassy Consular work with the Thai Authorities to support British Nationals in Thailand for all manners of issues. They all do an excellent job from what I see. I will be following the team once time per month to highlight the diversity of their roles and just how much they do.


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