Sometimes I wonder if we have over complicated life in a headless pursuit of more wealth and material items. Pursing dreams of greater wealth, bigger cars, paying our mortgages off – it never ends. We work hard, we get stressed and for what at the end of the day?

I almost missed the story as I enjoyed a dip in the crystal clear waters running through the jungle of Koh Chang. The story was of the food vendor who served my family and I some delicious barbecue chicken. This couple lived out in the elements with no electricity and were living well and truly off-grid.

I am sure sometimes it can be very tough for them, but I wonder if they had the stress like many of us competing in the capitalist world? Whenever I get out into nature, like I was here, I feel my soul lift and a relaxation that is impossible to feel in Pattaya.

It was a reminder to me that it should not be about material possessions but contentment in order to live a fulfilled happy life. Well, that’s my view at least and one – oddly – I think I chase by working my ass of everyday to get there. An oxymoron in every sense – and yet I am sure I am not alone in this approach and objective!


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