I have this nagging concern, it won’t go away, that Covid may wreck any tourist recovery in Thailand next year. Many of us are now hopeful of a travel recovery next year that will allow international travel to become a much easier process, but I am not so sure.

Vaccines seems to have a shorter protection window than we were led to believe, and of course it still does not stop us getting Covid or passing it on to others.

Could Covid wreck any recovery in 2022?

Many European countries are seeing spikes again and with Christmas just around the corner – which will bring groups back together in celebration – that could well aggravate further global Covid spikes.

If we accept Covid is not going to go away and, it’s fairly likely, regular booster shots (or pills) will be needed for many, many years – is it now the time to just get on with life, or is this just wishful thinking?

From my limited understanding, many of the reasons curfews were put in place was to stop hospitals from being overwhelmed with serious Covid cases. So ensuring all International travelers have the correct insurance is a start to help. Then why not add a travel tax and use to better equip hospitals in more tourist centric areas for the locals to use if they get Covid?

Maybe I am missing the point, but it does appear a Plan B is needed – if Plan A fails – so we can get tourism in Thailand back on its feet.

Tourist centric countries, like Thailand, need the travel sector to get back up and running and the commercial pain that thousands and thousands of people are experiencing is hurting. Travel Covid insurance, Covid Travel tax and strict mask wearing / hand cleansing etc could alleviate many of the issues? But, I admit I am not best placed or equipped with the right insight to offer the right solutions.

I just feel desperately sorry for the homeless, hungry and thousands of families and communities here in Thailand that have been hit hard by Covid. Let’s hope Covid does not spoil the recovery we all want to see next year.


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