It is well documented that real people – or so-called ‘micro influencers’ – can make a big impact on the business they vlog about. It is hardly surprising as people can relate better to messages from real people as opposed to some slick advert.

Dan about Thailand shares vlog content from 15 Expat vloggers from throughout the country because it is, quite simply, super interesting and very useful content to watch.

Where are Expat Vloggers Located?

How can they help your business?

Vloggers are always looking for great content to vlog on and share with their followers and this represents an ideal opportunity for business in Thailand.

Dan about Thailand can connect you with as many of these vloggers as you wish to come and vlog (make a video feature) on your business.  This is not about making money as they make the vlogs for the love of it, they just love making great content for their YouTube channel.

If you would like to invite a vlogger to use your business – maybe you are a hotel, restaurant, pub or leisure attraction – there would just be no fee for the vlogger to try your business.

Build searchable online content and reach a wider audience with Expat Vloggers in Thailand

To find out how Thai-based vloggers can help your business get more customers please contact Dan about Thailand below:

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