Dan about Thailand connects with over 2-million viewers every month from Expats to Westerners with an Interest in Thailand

(Platform reach updated: May 2024)

Vlog Advertising Package 15k THB (USD$415) / Month

  • 3-minute vlog review on your business
  • Uploaded to Dan’s Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Website and featured in 3x Weekly Email Newsletters
  • Your vlog added to Dan’s App on iOS and Android
  • Great awareness, engagement and trust created with customers
  • Highly Effective in attracting more customers for your business
  • Builds multiple searchable online content for your business – no content is ever deleted and will keep working for your business
  • Top Up (optional): 3k THB more to repurpose vlog into a 1-minute reel shared on Dan’s Facebook one week after your main vlog posted
  • No contract obligation can take just one vlog package / 10% discount for a 3-month package

Dan about Thailand Main Sponsor 35k THB (USD$970) per month

  • Logo on all non-commercial vlog reviews a month totaling a minimum of 20 unique vlogs duplicate posted across Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, website posts and weekly newsletter
  • Headline banner at top of Dan about Thailand weekly newsletter with links back to your website or social pages
  • Option to do at least 1x Live Dan about Thailand broadcast per month from your venue or office

2x Posts on Dan’s Facebook Stories 3k THB (USD$80)

  • Image and external link placed on a Dan about Thailand Facebook story

Live Broadcast from your event or business venue 15k THB (USD$415)

  • A wonderful way to get your business or event discussed and viewed by thousands of viewers on Dan’s live Facebook broadcast
  • This can include interviews as Dan walks around during the live broadcast
  • 20-minute live broadcast
  • Travel fee applied for any business or event outside of Bangkok or Pattaya

Banner Placement on Dan’s website or App 5k THB (USD$140) per month

  • Large square banner with links to either your website or social pages placed on either Dan’s website or App home page
  • Place a banner on both website and app for just 7.5k THB per month
  • Minimum term 3-months

Your Business listed on Dan’s app 1k THB per month / 12-month term

  • The Dan about Thailand app is a free download on Apple and Android phones with frequent user to discover what and where to go across Thailand.
  • Push notification for your business – linked back to your listing on the App – for a further 2k THB per month.

1x Business post shared on Dan about Thailand Facebook Page just 2.5k (USD$70) THB per post

  • Unique post with your text and website or social page link posted to the Dan about Thailand Facebook page twice per month.
  • Ensures high engagement that will connect you with thousands of Expats and Westerners with an interest in Thailand.
  • Post content must be approved and some content Dan reserves the right not to publish.
  • Minimum term 3-month campaign.

Spread Your Costs & Get More Value  5k THB (USD$140) / Month on 12-Month Agreement

  • Make it easier to spread the cost of advertisement with a monthly payment of 5k THB per month in return for 4x Vlogs (details listed above in 15k THB package) over the calendar year – split over the 4 quarters of the year.
  • Includes 300×250 banner featured on Dan about Thailand website – see on every page

More information on why you should advertise with Dan about Thailand:

What Reach will you get?

Dan about Thailand continues to grow across all social, website and newsletter platforms

  • Facebook – Consistently over 1-million views per month with approaching 100k followers.

  • TikTok – Over 100k views per month.

  • Website – 100,000 page views per month.

Weekly Newsletter

Your business post on Dan about Thailand website will also be included in a Dan about Thailand weekly email newsletter.

Demographics following Dan about Thailand Key Social Sites

– Dan about Thailand Facebook

Dan about Thailand Facebook page has broad appeal with the typical viewer aged between 25 and 64 years old. Two thirds of viewers are male.

45% are based in Thailand and 28% are combined from the next 3 countries (UK, USA and Australia). As a rule, anyone with an interest in Thailand is a reader of Dan about Thailand from most places in the world.

– Dan about Thailand TikTok

Over 70% of viewers are male and 72% are aged between 25 and 54 years old. 44% of views are from within Thailand.

#1 Lifestyle Blog Site in Thailand 

Dan about Thailand was voted the number one lifestyle blog site in Thailand 2019 by coupon.co.th and polled more than 60% of the votes.

Influencer Marketing gets Results

Connecting with customers in this modern, fast-paced digital world is more challenging than ever. Customers are streetwise and smart, when they spot an advert they put their blinkers on fast. They have had no choice, as customers nowadays are bombarded with businesses trying to influence them from the moment they wake until they close their eyes at night.

“Today’s media is not only about reach – It is about the ability to influence”

Smart business realises real messages by real people connect and strike a chord with people. Think about this for yourself, you trust the everyday guy sharing their daily vlogs and blogs much more than a blatant advert in a magazine or on the radio.

Furthermore, it is cheaper and not only connects in big numbers but resonates with people too – and that means business get a response from being involved in a blog or vlog.

The Dan about Thailand website has also become an aggregator for 12 other fantastic vloggers all across Thailand – so it is very much becoming the go-to site for checking up on the latest vlogs from within the Kingdom.

So, how does it work?

Simply contact Dan about Thailand via the contact page at the top of this site or email dan@choicegroupasia.com and explain a little bit about your business. If your target is the foreigner either living or with a keen interest in Thailand – perhaps a regular traveller – then Dan about Thailand is for you.

Dan can either incorporate you into a vlog, blog or both. He will be fair and truthful whilst also positioning the story accordingly for your business is get the result you require. But, and this is key, the story must be beneficial and add value to the viewer/reader.

The beauty of this approach is it offers great insight to Dan’s followers whilst helping the advertiser. Everyone benefits.

Remember also you get a copy of the vlog and blog and can use for your own online marketing – this is super content that you can show others, who again will be reassured by the message coming from a blogger/vlogger and not a traditional media or yourself.

Why vlogging is good for business  – Read More here

Vlogging will help your business, it is that simple

Vlogging is effective and engages it’s viewers to such an extent that it stimulates an action. Here is an example where within 24 hours of one of my vlogs being posted ‘Rescue Paws’ (who were featured) already started to receive messages from members of the public.

Dan About Thailand is part of Choice Group Asia Media Group and is VAT registered.

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