• UR Social can manage all aspects of your social media strategy from posting to building relevant followers for your business whilst improving your post engagement and consequent customer conversions.

  • Specializing in Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin social platforms.

  • Trends and strategies constantly evolve with all social channels from best times of the day to post, how to best utliise the combinations of posting such as Facebook stories, reels, posts to group cross-posting. You also need a strategy on type of content should you be posting to how content must differentiate from one social platform to another.

  • UR Social is managed by a team with 15 years of media and social experience and expertise in Thailand including products such as ASEAN NOW to Dan about Thailand. Let us worry about getting your social marketing right, leaving you to worry about your business!

How we help your social management and marketing:

1. Content Creation

Creating and designing the right video and images to post across your social media, tailored to best performing requirements of Facebook posts, reels and stories, TikTok, Instagam, YouTube and Linkedin.

2. Setting up and full management of all your social media

After reviewing your business and customer target we can propose the right social strategy for you and fully manage all your social media marketing. Letting you worry about what you do best, your business!

3. Full posting and cross posting management and strategy

4. Driving targeted follower growth across your social media

It is important your pages are followed by relevant social users or your engagement, view and ultimately ability to convert a customer drops significantly. NEVER employ an agency to buy followers, it destroys your page.

5. Monthly reporting on performance, review and consultations

To understand your business promotions, messages, objectives, company values etc to help plan the content for the month ahead each time.

We also offer the following other services:

1. Banner or Poster Graphic Design

Design any web, social or printed poster design for your business with a set fee of 3k THB per design

2. Email Signature design

Improve your professionalism when contacting your customers with an email signature graphic design for only 2k THB per design (+1k for each staff email signature design required using same template created)

Professional email signature for your business

3. Animated Explainer Video 

Animated video designed and produced for your business including subtitle, your logo up to 45 seconds in length for just 15k THB.

Pricing Examples

Contact our team with your requirements and objectives, along with existing social media you use and we can send you a custom quotation. Our video production involves us visiting your business location and shooting specific relevant video content.

Social media is where your customers are everyday

You must therefore be seen frequently, make an impact and grow your presence across the key social media.

Furthermore by investing now in growing your followers and reach with the correctly targeted customers gives you a platform to connect for many, many years ahead. It is an investment in your business for attracting customers now and also in the future.