I guess I should start this post with a disclaimer: I am not an expert on property markets and merely an expat living here in Thailand, so absolutely my views could be entirely wrong. But I don’t think so and in fact I will back it up with some observations.

I cannot but help in being a huge fan of Pattaya, in fact, just earlier, whilst at lunch in Hua Hin with a fellow businessman we joked that there is no other place like Pattaya in the world. Whereas can you get such a great climate, such a choice of restaurants and bars generally at decent prices, a beach, an airport, proximity to an amazing capital city, easy and convenient access to beautiful islands, wonderful shopping and plenty of attractions for the family? Please if you have any locations that can match Pattaya for value and proposition do add in the comments box below.

World class shopping is just one Pattayas strengths

With plans for a high speed train to and from Bangkok compounded with increased pollution from the capital and it makes logical sense that the Bangkokians will make full use of the train for morning commutes. There is every reason to think Bangkokians will move to Pattaya when the train arrives.

I was back in Pattaya in the week and as I sat on my balcony in Pratamanak watching the sun rise I just felt compelled to do a podcast on this very subject…


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