We all have a story to tell and the chances are someone else wants to hear it. Share your story with the world!

‘Dan About Thailand’ would love to share your story from within Thailand to the world, whether it is a blog or vlog. We will not only post and share on our site but through our affiliations it will also be shared onto Thaivisa.com, InspirePattaya.com, InspireHuaHin.com and InspireBangkok.com. If you have photos to go with your article then even better.

There is so many good stories out there that others really do want to know about. So where ever you are staying in Thailand, now is your chance to pen your account of what it is like to live and/or work in this country.

We will publish 50% of the article and link back to you site too if you wish or if it is a vlog then the video can link directly to your You Tube channel to ensure you get your views!

So, what are you waiting for email Dan now at dan@choicegroupasia.com.


Let Dan know where you need help and he will send you recommendations and help you get set up

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