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Have you got money to invest that you would like to work harder for you?

Then why not consider becoming an investing member of The Med Syndicate a Spanish Costas Property Ownership Investment Syndicate (established in 2015 and made up of friends & professional associates) and jointly purchase bargain priced rental income generating investment properties with fellow like-minded investor members thus realizing assured steady equity growth and rental income return’s.

Unlike other investments this is a made up of a group of friends and professional associates who have identified an opportunity to make money from the now positive property market situation Spain.

No subscriptions or upfront fees. All funds invested by members go into IP acquisitions and each member’s % ownership reflects this. Membership is subject to a low risk minimum investment of £1K up to a 49% maximum share of an IP.

The Spanish property market is now at the base of a projected 10+ year growth curve. Can you afford to miss out on such an opportunity and being part of a team spirited syndicate ad/venture?

Spanish Property Investment

Equity Growth & Rental Incomes


Visit their website http://www.themedsyndicate.com/

The Med Syndicate is not associated or connected with Dan about Thailand


Let Dan know where you need help and he will send you recommendations and help you get set up

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