What has European football got to do with me living in Thailand I hear you ask? Well, I accept it is an odd link but for starters, like many expats, I am an avid football fan and my team Spurs will be in the European Cup Final on June 1st too.  But still, I hear you ask, what am I doing posing questions on football and not something focussed on the Land of Smiles?

You see, I have a bit of a scoop. The last time Spurs won a European Final was the UEFA Cup – now known as the Cup winners cup – back in 1984 against Anderlecht and it was won on penalties.

One of the Spurs players to play on that night, and indeed score a penalty, was Gary Stevens. He now lives in Hua Hin and as such myself and media partners Thaivisa was able to get an exclusive interview with him. What we wanted to know was what was it like preparing and waiting for such an important match – just like the players and we are all doing now?

Gary offers so much fascinating unique insight that I am sure you will enjoy this podcast below as much as I did. Big thanks to Jonathan Fairfield from Thaivisa for being the host!

If you liked this please note Dan about Thailand and Thaivisa interview Gary every week on a range of topics and if you want a question answered please email me dan@choicegroupasia.com. We record the show on Tuesday and publish later in the evening.




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