Pattaya must be one of the most talked about regions in Thailand, when it comes to news it is the city that keeps on giving. It is a media delight for the sheer weight of news stories that come from this ‘seaside’ resort.

How do you know when it is time to leave Pattaya?

Although somewhat tongue in cheek, this vlog does carry a serious message in its underbelly as for many they fail to recognise the point where they are being consumed by the city and need to leave Pattaya. Make no mistake Pattaya has a nasty habit of breaking people who have addictive personalities.

I have lived here over 10 years and seen so many people come and go, often with leaving with their tail between their legs and empty wallets. It is a town that requires good self control.

This vlog is one of my top performing vlogs on You Tube and has a horde comments from subscribers to my channel – Pattaya invokes so much feeling from people, both good and bad.


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