I am a big fan of spending time on Thailand beaches, especially the tropical islands like Samui or Phangan, so was eager to get to a UK beach whilst on holiday back in my motherland.

Fortunately, the sunshine was out and my timings were good too as it coincided with Folk Week along Broadtstairs beach. It was in many ways a celebration to all the good, obscure idiosyncrasies that make the UK what it is. It was a great day out.

Although I will always love spending time on a Thailand beach, it is a reminder that other locations also have interesting coastline offers – although I am very sure if the sun was not out that my experience on Broadstairs beach destination would have been very different. It also challenges me not to get complacent and always expect and demand to travel more and see new places.  Thailand is great, but so too is the rest of the world.


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