Don’t get me wrong I always enjoyed my time back in the UK and parts of the country are just beautiful, but when it comes to lifestyle it takes a back seat to what it is like living in Thailand.

Yes for sure there are pros and cons to living in both locations and I think if you were not tied into the daily rat race grind in the UK and had plenty of money then the UK could even get the nod over Thailand. But for most that are not the case and Thailand is a clear winner of the two countries when it comes to choosing where to live.

Sometimes I warm to the idea of a return back to the UK, but each time push comes to shove – which has been twice in the 12 years I have lived in Thailand – I have at last minute backed out of the move. When the reality of such a move hits you-you then see things with crystal clarity, to such an extent that I shudder just to the thought of a relocation.

Here were my learning’s from a recent trip back to the UK:

The UK is great but I currently prefer living in Thailand

This was my last blog on why I could not move back to the UK.


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