I most certainly was not the first to start vlogging in Thailand and I am also not the best, far from it – my editing skills are very basic for starters! I was keen however to see who else vlogs in this country, I am based in Pattaya so I had heard of a couple such as Kev in Thailand and Geoff Carter but besides that I d not really taken a look elsewhere.

Why do People Vlog?

I can only speak on my behalf here, but for me it is just a bit of fun. I work in media and I wanted to test initially how consumers responded to a vlog over a blog – and the early results were very conclusive. People liked watching vlogs. My You Tube site subscribers are very low, you see I started on Facebook as my motivation was not commercial but merely to test audience reception and engagement, and my knowledge of Facebook was far stronger than You Tube.

I then wanted to test the growth potential and started uploading on You Tube, and the numbers started to grow quickly. At times I wonder why I keep going as it is a distraction from my day to day job here in Thailand, but I love numbers and am very analytical – so this for me is the compelling motivation: How big can I grow this?

So, Who else vlogs in Thailand?

Anyway, I went researching and here are the active vloggers I managed to find and below is their latest vlogs. I say active as there were many vlog sites with great viewing figures but they had not vlogged for at least over one year. There are also plenty of vloggers whom have vlogged on Thailand, but I wanted to find the ones living here doing it!

For fun I have added a poll to ascertain who is your pick of the bunch too.

Life in Thailand20 Seconds in Thailand

You Tube Subscribers 28k


You Tube Subscribers 29k

American in Bangkok

You Tube Subscribers 13k

Kev in Thailand

You Tube Subscribers 20k

Geoff Carter

You Tube Subscribers 23k

The Good Farang

You Tube Subscribers 3.2k

Johnny there is something happening

You Tube Subscribers 19.2k

Dead Farang

You Tube Subscribers 45k

Sick Buffalo

You Tube Subscribers 270

Dan About Thailand

You Tube Subscribers 710 (ahem, OK I am clearly the newbie here!)

So who is your pick of the bunch?

…And don’t worry you won’t hurt my feelings.
[poll id=471]


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