Whenever I make a post or vlog about working in Thailand there inevitably come the naysayers that say you cannot make any money in Thailand. Or the naysayers that say Thailand is a place to retire and you must make your living in your motherland. When I reply that they are wrong they simply will not have it.

I then get lots of messages wanting to know how I have forged a successful career here. So far I have resisted discussing my work in Thailand to any great detail, but I will shortly start a series of vlogs on the subject.

Most people want the success, but won’t do the hard work or do due diligence to work out how; and when that becomes too much of a chore they just say you cannot make money in Thailand. It suits the narrative of not being that bothered to do the work to find out their options.

For starters, you must have a work permit and business visa to work in Thailand and there are strict terms and conditions to what a foreigner can or cannot do. Speak to a visa or immigration agent or search on Google for more details on this subject.

Don’t make excuses, just work hard!

The truth is you can be a success just about anywhere in the world but to do so the accountability sits with you. How hard you work, who you surround yourself with and being careful on due diligence and research into what you want to do in a particular country are just a few of the traits and behaviours I think necessary.

I found this quote on the internet and it sums it all up:

“Remember, “dreams don’t work unless you do” – so whether your dreams are big or small, it is all the hard work you are willing to put in that will see you living your dreams. Believe in your dreams, convert them into action, and don’t be afraid to fail. There are many lessons to be learnt in getting up after failing”.


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