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With life expectancy extending and the general better acknowledgement of the virtues of a healthy lifestyle many generations, including ours, are staying fitter, living longer and enjoying everything that life offers us, much later in life. Previously, becoming a pensioner was the beginning of old age, now for many ‘life begins when you become a pensioner’.

Living healthier, staying fit and moderate usage of alcohol are the major pointers for a healthier life. So, it’s great that all organs are healthy and working well, but what about the outside appearance. Aging of our skin seems to be outpacing our days and whilst it’s great to be living longer, many want to also look better(younger).

Thailand has long been a destination for Cosmetic Surgery with all sorts of tucks and procedures available for virtually every part of our anatomies, if we want, that is! The last years have seen the emergence of Anti-Aging and an internet search reveals thousands of clinics that will, supposedly, make us look younger or at least halt the aging process. Whilst Thailand does have vigorous controls and standards, especially for foreign guests, hundreds of different products and treatments are emerging for this growing and lucrative sector.

The definition of Anti-Aging is to delay, stop or retard the aging process. Our bodies consist of cells and aging occurs when there is cell death. As an infant, child and young adult, body’s cells are strong, resilient and can make new cells. As the years advance, our body’s ability to generate new cells diminishes, cell death occurs, and the aging process ensues.

So, you have hit 65, you are not working and you are fit and well. What is available for our appearance? You will be surprised!

As we all know pharmacies and beauty salons around the world now offer both sexes an overwhelming choice of creams and serums that will, supposedly’ halt our aging process by re-generating our cells. Sagging and wrinkles will go away (!) and we will all start looking younger every day. Sounds good!

Clinics and Hospitals in Thailand are now offering a vast array of treatments, most at highly competitive and reasonable prices. The standards are extremely high and service is world class. Treatments available include:-

• Stem-Cell Therapy
• Hormone Replacement Therapy
• Chelation & Detoxifications
• Testosterone Replacement Therapy
• Telomere Extensions
• Laser Treatments
• Fat transfers
• Hair Loss treatments
• Mesotherapy
• Chemical or Laser peels
• Dermabrasion or microdermabrasion
• Ultherapy
• Micro-needling
• Laser re-surfacing
• Platelet-rich plasma

This is an initial list and our research will continue, so look for updates!

Much emphasis for anti-aging is put on Stress Management. Many people, even when they have retired from business, seem to create stress around themselves. We now have time on our hands but sometimes time management is also required.

Thailand offers a multitude of Spas, Resorts, Detox Clinics, Yoga and Health Resorts and then there are opportunities to just avoid the rate race and get away to an island, the mountains of the north of the impassive countryside of the North-East. In each region you will be able to find your relaxation, emails can wait, the phone can be switched off and why not just relax and enjoy your retirement life in Thailand.

Source: https://meanderingtales.com/anti-aging-what-is-it-what-can-be-done-to-improve-our-lives/


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