To the untrained eye Bangkok can appear a mess, but in among the chaos you can find so much to discover. Some of it beautiful, like the temples and rooftop bars but some of it is so unique and compelling for different reasons. I was amazed to find Soi Middle Eastern which was just as the name suggest, its just so typical of Bangkok. Bangkok is a capital city like no other and a wonder to dig into.

If you are to visit Bangkok for the first time, do your home work before you travel – or you will find it bedlam. Work out where you want to go and be prepared. Check out sites like or as they will offer a wealth of ideas and even what events and offers are running at the time of your stay.

If you are going to jump on a taxi bike – wear a helmet and agree the fee before you start your journey, to prevent any unneeded issue at the end of the journey. Wear sunscreen too as its very hot.


Let Dan know where you need help and he will send you recommendations and help you get set up

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