There are so many discoveries in Thailand that as a tourist you just don’t know about. Discovering the secret beach of Wai Chaek is one such wonder that is well worth the jungle trek to find.

You can pick up the start of the walk from Wai Chaek Road – there is even a sign at the start of this route forbidding anyone to enter after 8pm and before 5am. The road is broken and difficult to navigate and although motorbikes can carefully navigate, standard cars cannot.

As you will see from my vlog review, there are so many reasons to take this trek. The trek is 3.5km and allows you to escape the world for a moment – you will also lose your mobile phone signal. We stopped enroute to swim in the clear streams which gets more beautiful and flush with water during the rainy seasons.

Wai Cheak Beach also has a lagoon where fresh water from the mountains join the sea. It is a feast for the eyes and great for a swim too!


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