As an Expat, we still need our comfort foods from back in our homeland and once a month I always fancy some fish and chips.  You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy, as the saying goes.

In Pattaya there is fierce rivalry among restaurants competing for the accolade of who serves the best fish and chips, but, surprisingly, maybe the winner is actually in Bangkok: Busters Fish and Chips on Sukhumvit 33/1.

I had seen some very favourable reviews on some Bangkok social groups and so always had it earmarked for when I was in Bangkok. On this occasion it was a weekend away with my family.

It is a lovely reflection of a traditional chippy in the UK and was also filled with Thai diners when I visited!

If you know where Villa Market is on the Sukhumvit Road then you also know where Busters is, it is tucked behind the supermarket in the car park area.


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