Dan about Thailand‘ is a part of Choice Group Asia Media Group which means it rubs shoulders with Thaivisa.com, Inspire Bangkok , Inspire Pattaya and Inspire Hua Hin . This means it can leverage these other online products to get further reach and views. Thaivisa alone attracts over 1.2 million unique visitors a month and has a twice daily eNewsletter sent to well over 300k email subscribers.

How can this help your vlog site?

Dan about Thailand‘ wants to share this potential with other vloggers in Thailand so they can attract more viewers and subscribers, and in doing so grow their GoogleAd revenues associated with their You Tube channel.

We would like to post your latest You Tube videos as a guest post on the website, you will note from this example here that your GoogleAd banners are still active and you therefore monetise the view. You can even see on your You Tube dashboard just how many views ‘Dan about Thailand’ has generated for you.

Here is the plan

Once ‘Dan about Thailand‘ has a few vloggers agreed to take part then these posts will be shared on the Thaivisa newsletter and social networks (we have over 176k followers on Thaivisa). We will also share on all Inspire digital platforms from website, social networks to eNewsletters. In all instances your banners adverts will show on your You Tube link embedded into each post. Basically we become an aggregator for Thai based vloggers.

Dan about Thailand already attracts over 20k unique visitors to its website each month and has almost 7k followers on Facebook, but now we are ready to send some serious traffic to the site from our other media.

All we ask in return is in your comment area of your You Tube video you post a simple sentence ‘This video can also be viewed on danaboutthailand.com’ as a clickable link.

It is also AWESOME for those that like to watch vlogs on Thailand as very easily they can find like minded channels on a secondary platform to You Tube.

Get Started Now!

If this all sounds good for you just email dan@choicegroupasia.com with all your details and we ll start posting straight away for you. There is no catch, we all benefit from this.


Let Dan know where you need help and he will send you recommendations and help you get set up

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