It has been well documented that Thais English spoken abilities have been in decline over the years, whilst other ASEAN countries have been improving year on year. It is a worry for the Government and one of the possible solutions being banded around is to tap in to the local expat community in Thailand. English among Thais needs addressing if Thailand is to develop within the local ASEAN community, so a fix is needed – and quickly.

So, as part of the committee group I joined other corporate and International School representatives at the Ministry of Education in Bangkok to explore the potential more.

There are 30,000 schools in Thailand and in addition to Government concerns in respects to children learning English, they also have issues with high school drop out among the 12 to 15 year old group.

There are certainly thousands of local expats that speak English and it is a novel initiative to consider tapping in to this group to improve the issue of falling English spoken skills among students.


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