It was my brother that introduced me to Thailand and it was Pattaya the first place I saw. I was a big shocked to be honest, it was not what I expected from a tropical country. Hardly surprising therefore that it was not until I arrived on my first Thailand island that I fell in love with the country.

I love the beaches, the clear seas and the remoteness that comes with island life. It is magical.

The question on whether this would translate into a magical life if I were to then move to an island is something I ask myself often. Would I get bored? How would I feel during those wet rainy seasons on such an isolated island? How would my kids cope and indeed enjoy living on an island?

I don’t buy into the narrative that families need to operate traditionally and how they were before, times and more importantly technology has allowed people to adapt to how they live their life. But would island life actually work and benefit my family?

Lots of questions indeed and this vlog digs a bit deeper into this topic.


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