I still cannot quite get my head round as to the gravitas of the situation the world finds itself due to the coronavirus virus pandemic.  Over 2.5 billion people globally are going through some kind of self-isolation at the moment. The virus continues to spread and people are dying from it. It is the most surreal experience in our lifetimes and let us hope this is not something that will happen more frequently – can you imagine if we had a real killer virus on our hands?

I have been working from home for well over a week and with a sense that the virus was going to get worse in Thailand before it got better, I made the call to relocate my family to Koh Chang instead of stay in Pattaya.

My objective was to self-isolate my family and I away from as many people as we could, so we could still walk freely around outside benefited by the natural beauty Koh Chang has in abundance. I also wanted to create a more positive environment and it was all getting a bit doom and gloom in a built up Pattaya. It is a time to remain calm, focused and positive.

We are staying in a nice sized apartment directly on a beach to the far end of the island. There is next to no one here. I have my work station set up and my wife has arranged some online schooling for my two kids three times a week.  As I sit and work now, my wife and two kids are playing on the beach. Most importantly, in my opinion, they are safe.


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