Every two weeks or so I spend a couple of days in Bangkok on business squeezing in up to 4 meetings a day; it can be a little hectic moving between meetings. Bangkok is very hot and very busy. As a rule I will leave my car in the hotel I stay at as public transport is quicker, but it is only quicker is you utilse the various public transport at your disposal. A Bangkok commute is chaotic.

The trains will only take you so far and it is often the case that you will take the BTS or MRT train and then complete the journey with either a taxi car or motorbike – you even have canal and river boats as options too.

So on this particular trip I decided to video record parts of my journey as I moved from meeting to meeting. So what are you waiting for? Click play on the video below and join me on my vlog traveling through Bangkok.

I really enjoy my days in Bangkok, the capital has something very unique about it. It will sap your energy but, for some reason, leave you wanting for more!


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