This subject is certainly contentious, as its highly likely for any one individual to defend their life choices. Expats are likely to say it is the best decision whilst their stay at home counterparts will likely flag the benefits of staying in their country. I get that.

It probably comes down to level of risk you are willing to take and then your family situation. Many may say Expats will miss out on pensions and earning potential – whilst the Expat would highlight a lifestyle enhancement coming to Thailand. There is always two sides to a story, but is one actually more correct than the other?

For me, I could never see myself going back to the UK after experiencing expat life. I have seen both lives, albeit from my life perspective – but I did have a very good job, made good money and had a big house and even two cars for myself. I was living a good life in the UK but still wanted more. For me, life is too short to follow a beaten path.


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