When I first came to Thailand, and for some years if I am honest, I thought Bangkok equated to nothing more than the Sukhumvit Road area.Yes, I know – how naive.

However the more I invested time into the capital the more it opened up and came alive for me. First a rooftop bar, then a nightclub, then I saw US rock band Maroon 5 perform at the Impact Arena. It didn’t stop there. I then went on a river cruise, visited a temple, then a museum. Each time and every new discovery was awesome.

Ten years on and through either business or leisure, I continue to see and do different things in this amazing capital city.

Just last week for example, I was staying in Silom on business and just went for a stroll one evening after work. I ended up near Hua Lampong MRT and then, by chance, discovered China Town.

My Google Maps told me Bangkok but my eyes said China Town

I love sharing my experiences in Thailand and the one thing that lets me down is my ability to properly express myself in words. My written English has never been my strong point. So I ll try me best when it comes to explaining what a surreal situation I found myself in as I walked through the busy streets of China town. I honestly felt like I had stepped out of Bangkok and straight into a regular night market street in China. It was bizarre yet amazing.

It yet again reminded me and validated my reasons for leaving the UK all those years ago and moving to Thailand.

China Town Location

What else is near China Town?

If you are going to visit China Town you may as well go to the famous backpack area of Khao San Road. Many people don’t know that just along from China Town you can find a kind of ‘mini India’ too – which is well worth a look.


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