I was fortunate enough (depending on your position to the vaccination) to get my jab appointment in Bangkok this month – July 2021. It was no easy decision to make as social media is awash with various views on the subject. However I did not want to idle and lose out on an early vaccination so made the decision and registered at my earliest convenience.

We are a world slowly coming to terms that Covid is here to stay – none of us want to get Covid and none of us really want to get the vaccination either, but tough luck.

My view is at some stage pretty much every one is going to get Covid and will build their antibodies from this, but to alleviate the symptoms and risks a vaccine would absolutely help. I decided I wanted my body to have some protection and initial antibodies to ease it from when I get Covid (as I am pretty sure I will).

I also love to travel and am sure the vaccination with give me an easier right of passage.


Let Dan know where you need help and he will send you recommendations and help you get set up

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