Many followers to Dan about Thailand, albeit a minority, have asked I stop covering the doom and gloom stories being seen not just in Pattaya but all over Thailand. Trust me, it’s not content I want to post about too – but how can I ignore what I see around me on a daily basis?

When  you see hundreds of Thais sitting along Pattaya Beach Road waiting for food parcels it’s not nice to see. Fellow human beings who have fallen into hardship because of the tourist crash due to Covid. It is a moment of time in Pattaya that I hope recovers soon, but it is the reality of this moment in Pattaya. For that reason, I just cannot blissfully ignore it.

Many media sources are publishing the pictures of these people waiting for their food, but I decided against it. It feels a little disrespectful to put a camera in the faces of these individuals.


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