Nothing quite beats getting off the regular tourist jaunts of an island on Koh Chang and looking for new, interesting locations. This particular find was nothing short of spectacular given where I was.

On the far South of the island, where the road becomes a single lane and largely covered by the National park vegetation either side of it, I was just randomly looking around not expecting to find much. My wife then saw a small sign which said ‘Hidden paradise 100 metres this way’, so we took the trek deeper into the over growth.

I soon started to hear music and smell BBQ chicken and what opened up what the last thing I expected to see.

This place cannot be found on Google Map so head in the direction of the now abandoned Grand Lagoona Resort (the one with the hotel cruise ship many say is now haunted – Read More Here). Once you cross a metal bride which crosses some small water rapids, it just 200m ahead on the left hand side.


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