When I arrived in Thailand to live some 12 years ago it was a trade off against enjoying my favourite UK grocery brands. Such is life, the trade off was worth it as living in Thailand has been awesome. However now with supermarkets like Villa Market I can get the best of both worlds.

I was recently in Pattaya and noticed Villa Market had opened a new store in a new location called Little Walk on the Sukhumvit Road. I am sure many people are unaware this area even exists and it surprised me too when I saw it. Little Walk is located where Index used to be, just before Soi Country Club.

Genuinely, the Villa Market store proposition is as near as you can get to shopping back in your native country. I loved the selection of international brands, in fact I enjoyed the shopping experience. Grocery shopping in a Tesco store for example that is geared to the Thai market is no fun for me.

Enjoyable shopping experience at Villa Market


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