By and large us humans are fairly similar in our ways, we all build habit and procedures to give order to our life. Something I hate but have accepted it is what we do best. Coming to Thailand I wanted to escape this predictability but have to alas I do have some routine now in my life – and none more so than when it comes to family life.

Kids have lots and lots of needs and to make this work my wife and I need to develop systems. Our nanny certainly helps and I often wonder how parents cope without a nanny – my Mum had to look after three of us full time and I have no idea how she coped!

Here is my vlog on what it is like living in Thailand as a young expat family. I also have been watching lots of far more accomplished vloggers to myself and tried some of their features and styles out with this vlog, I must say it makes for a slicker production and was actually far easier to edit. I spend less time on camera and more time with voice over, plus I have kept shots on screen longer.


Let Dan know where you need help and he will send you recommendations and help you get set up

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