Societies system in a free market economy needs compliance and structure to work, this keeps order and ensures the cogs keep turning accordingly. For the majority that means being trapped – mortgages, kids education in a schooling system, pensions to keep you in the system etc.

For many years I was unwittingly part of this, blissfully unaware. Moving to Thailand forced me out of this structure and I began to open my eyes to the reality.

Our salaries are just enough to get by but not enough to break free – the rich get richer from the huge profits and the rest of us just get by. Getting by includes those with a big house and nice car if you are strapped up in debt with a loan or mortgage – this is not success.

Hard work and looking to do things alone can help you live a life of empowerment and freedom – but it is not easy. You have to work hard and be consistent and disciplined.

I am now ready to move to a new chapter of my life. I already have a some property, mortgage free, but I need to get my passive income up higher, much higher.


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